Collection: Dog Knot Dildos

As the old saying goes, “Dogs are a man’s best friend!” Of course, this is an old saying which was gender biased (and most probably written by a man!) Despite this, there is a whole world of different dog-related sex toys, from tail butt plugs to collars which people of every gender and sexuality enjoy!

At Dragon Dildo NZ, we want to pay homage to our canine friends and so we provide a huge range of different dog knot dildos. These are some of our most popular toys with each stunningly crafted using only the finest materials. Whether you are looking for something to drive your partner barking mad or you want a loyal companion that will always be by your side (until you put it inside!) we have what you need.

All of our dog knot dildos come in different sizes and designs and with fast, discreet delivery across New Zealand, your new pet will be with you in two shakes of a poodle’s tail!