Collection: Tentacle Dildos

75% of the earth’s surface is water and so it is understandable that we still have much to learn about what goes on under the seas. One thing is for sure, there are so many tales of Krakens, giant squids and other ferocious sea creatures that some of them must surely be true.

And yet, until climate change forces humans to evolve gills, there is little chance of us meeting, let alone making love to these magnificent monsters, which is why our Dragon Dildo has put together a huge range of tentacle dildos for your pleasure!

We have twisted tentacle dildos, Kraken dildos and many more which are sure to fulfil all your ocean fantasies. All of our tentacle dildos are made with the highest quality materials so they look great, feel fantastic and are totally safe to use.

With fast, discreet shipping across New Zealand, it won’t be long until your new tentacle dildo washes up on your doorstep.