Different Types of Adult Lubricants

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Lubricants are products designed to reduce friction, making them perfect for enhancing sexual activities and making them even more pleasurable. Traditionally lubricants were made solely to reduce friction but now we are spoiled for choice, with lots of choices when it comes to lube. This means that you can get yourself different lubricants as some are more suited for certain situations than others.

Varieties of lubricants

Water based lubricants

Water based lubricants are a popular and common choice thanks to their ease of use and generally lower cost. They are water soluble which makes them very easy to clean up afterwards, a quick rinse or washing with soap and water is all you need to remove any lubricant residue. Water based lubes won’t damage surfaces they come into contact with, making them suitable to use with sex toys and condoms.

While they may sound perfect, water based lubricants are prone to drying up quickly during intercourse. Applying more lube throughout your session, or reactivating the lube with water or spit, will keep things going smoothly.

Oil based lubricants

Oil based lubricants are the perfect choice when it comes to long lasting lubes as they don’t dry up. This also makes them difficult to clean up afterwards, making them less convenient than water based lubes. Another problem with oil based lubes is that they aren’t compatible with condoms, breaking down the latex when they come into contact. They can also cause vaginal irritation, although this depends on the person and how they react to oil based lubricants.

Silicone based lubricants

Silicone based lubricants combine the convenient clean up of water based lubes with the longevity of oil based lubes. This usually means that a silicone based lube will be more expensive than a water or oil based lube. They also have the potential to damage silicone sex toys if they negatively react to each other. You can do a spot test on a non-insertable part of the dildo to see if it reacts or not.

Hybrid lubricants

Hybrid lubricants are formulated using both water and silicone, resulting in a product that has the benefits of both types of lube. Hybrid lubes are easy to clean up and are safe to use with most sex toys, as well as condoms. They are usually more expensive than the other lubes but it’s worth it if you need a versatile lube that lasts a long time and is easy to clean up.

Introducing Dragon Jizz

Dragon Jizz is our signature water based cum lube, formulated with ingredients to help retain moisture and increase longevity. Our Dragon Jizz is white and creamy with a thick consistency, making it a great replica of the real thing. This makes it perfect to use with our squirting dildos, roleplay and content creation. Dragon Jizz is a non-toxic and neutral tasting lube, just in case you find yourself with a mouth full of it.

Being a water based lube, Dragon Jizz is very easy to apply and clean up afterwards. This makes it well suited for quicker activities. If you plan on having a long session, you’ll most likely need to reapply or reactivate the lube to keep everything nice and smooth. Dragon Jizz is safe to use with sex toys and condoms, if you are concerned about a negative reaction occurring then you should conduct a spot test to make sure it’s compatible.


Our Dragon Jizz is a cum lube that can be used in any situation, whether you are using sex toys or a condom. It’s the perfect choice for spicing things up in the bedroom thanks to it looking and feeling just like the real thing.